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"Word on the street is that Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice is about to try to shove the Canadian version of the US's failed Digital Millennium Copyright Act through Parliament very soon, and very fast."

This article at BoingBoing http://www.boingboing.net/2008/05/20/urgent-canadian-dmca.html sparked a serious interest in me. Below you will find a letter I wrote to Canadian MP's and the PM himself. I would suggest reading the article and doing so yourself. Stop the ignorance and waste of doing something that failed miserably the first time. Click (read more) for my letter  



Dear Non-American Government

I am completely enveloped in the fact that I as a Canadian am proud not to be American. Yet everyday and every year we move closer and closer to that title. I read today that we are ranked as the 11th most peaceful country in world. America on the other hand is #97 on that list. We have never started a war, we have helped all genuine causes in the word. We actively strive to make the world around us a better place. Yet we are willing to start a war within our own population? We are willing to follow suit  because of the pressures of American music industries ?

I acknowledge the pressure is real, and I would agree that something needs to happen concerning copyright law in Canada, but are we really going to implement something that has failed miserably, cost millions of dollars, accused innocent people and misplaced blame? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result.  Canadians are not insane! But maybe our government is? I personally find this mirage of smoke and mirrors regarding “helpful” things the CDMCA is “supposedly” going to give us  an insult to our intelligence. Simply Google DMCA Lawsuits and you will have 148,000 reasons why not to embrace it.  

In the past the CRA implemented a tax on all media as a result of discussions with recording artists. Do we not care now who makes the music? Do we only care about the money the corporations who distribute that music make? What about when  artists were artists, when music was about feeling and creation and not money. What would the artists do, how would they manage their records, and things such as piracy? I do believe in fair compensation is in order but why do 4 (American) corporations dictate the bounds in which that compensation can happen? A large part of Canadian pride is our small business, our culture, our expression. Billions of dollars a year are poured into small business funding and expansion, yet we are willing to listen to the “large few” when it comes to our policies regarding piracy. Is the litigation and legal battles present everywhere in the United States where Canada’s heading? Will we too begin ridiculous claims and lawsuits over spilling coffee on our laps because we didn’t know it was hot.

We are an intelligent respectful and driven country,  problem solvers, not peer pressure victims. We have done many great things on our own.  I would like to think that maybe guiding the rest of the world in a direction that benefits music artists, reduces or revalue’s the concept of piracy well at the same time maintaining the values and rights of Canadian people is a direction Canada would like move in. Then again it is always easier to do what everyone else is.

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