Uninstalling Programs You Can't Seem to Get Rid Of

Unwanted software programs unnecessarily clutter your system and slow it down. They may also cause problems with other installed programs and generate computer errors. This is the reason why, it is essential that you get rid of these programs by ensuring that they are completely removed from the system.

Most Windows users know about the Add or Remove Programs tool that comes with Windows operating systems. You can open this tool either from the Control Panel or by running the appwiz.cpl command at Start > Run. When you open Add or Remove Programs, all programs installed on your computer are listed in the Currently installed programs list. You can browse this list and uninstall the programs that you do not require. Although it is quite simple to use this tool, it is not always the most efficient. The utility fails to perform a complete removal of many large programs, such as Norton and McAfee products and malicious spyware programs, such as Limewire. Quite often, orphaned information is left behind that causes unwanted problems on your system.

To help you perform complete removal of these programs there are many different tools available today. For example, if you want to know how to completely uninstall McAfee or Norton products from your PC, you may check their Web sites. The manufacturers of these products have developed their own McAfee and Norton uninstaller programs. These uninstaller programs are designed to perform a thorough scan of your entire system and the Windows registry and weed out all related information from the system.

If you don�t find an uninstaller tool for the program you are trying to remove, then you may opt to use a trustworthy and efficient third-party program uninstaller tool. These programs are developed to scan your system and detect all installed programs. The program uninstaller tool lists all programs it detects on the screen. When you choose a program to remove, the tool runs a thorough scan on your entire system and the Windows registry and eliminates all information related to the program you are trying to remove.

If you want to uninstall Limewire or other spyware programs from your system, you may need to use the antispyware tool. Spyware programs are quite stubborn in nature and have the capability of reinstalling themselves soon after you remove them. A good antispyware tool is designed to scan all nooks and corners of your system and registry and remove all information related to a spyware program to ensure complete removal. A good antispyware program comprises a real time protection feature that helps prevent these malicious programs from infecting your system.

Whichever method you use, it is recommended that you scan the Windows registry to ensure that all entries related to the program are completely remove from it. This is essential because incomplete program removal may leave behind orphan entries in the registry that unnecessarily fill it up and cause registry bloating. The best, easiest, and recommended method to clean your registry after uninstalling a program is to use a good third-party registry cleaner tool.

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Last Updated (Thursday, 24 September 2009 01:00)